“Nicro is a company which strives to understand our customers unique needs, so as to deliver a consolidated innovative solution, all underpinned by vast engineering experience and a true dedication to service excellence.”

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  • Nicro Industrial

    Engineering improvements to quality and reliability.
  • NiCast

    Jobbing foundry, with the ability to deliver up to 1 ton.
  • Nicro Pump & Valve

    Custom-designed pump and valve solutions
  • Durban Alloys

    Creating synergy between our business offerings
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Durban Alloys

Durban Alloys is a company which strives to understand our customers unique needs, so as to deliver a consolidated innovative solution, all underpinned by vast engineering experience and a true dedication to service excellence.”

The South African industrial market needed to find a solution to importing expensive manufacturing components. Durban Alloys was created in 1972 to address and provide these solutions to industry in the Natal and surrounding areas.  Our goal was not only lowering the cost of manufacturing components, but also improving them. Durban Alloys became part of the Nicro Holdings Group in 2007, backed by their various resources. This core value of understanding the customer needs and then developing a unique solution has been the foundation on which Durban Alloys has been built.   
As the requirements of the industry have grown and changed, we have recognised these needs and expanded our offering while still ensuring that we deliver exceptional expertise in every area. We have built our business to ensure that we have the capability to look at customer needs from beginning to end and deliver a holistic solution without reducing the expert value that we have always added.  

Durban Alloys is backed by the Johannesburg based Nicro Holdings Group resources and services. This backing has been created so that we can work together in a matrix system. Nicro Group is involved in four core industry areas – Nicast, Nicro Industrial, Nicro Pump & Valve and lastly Nicro Rail – which focus on delivering solutions for the mining- and process-specific industry requirements. Our internal design team and Nicast provide the expert insight to the other divisions’ solutions while also offering their unique services to the market.  
While each of our business areas has their own speciality, we work together to solve problems so that we deliver the best solution to our customers.
At Durban Alloys, our approach in all our business areas is to combine expertise with a high level of service. Our senior management team are involved to ensure that we deliver a consistent, exceptional solution. As an entrepreneurial company we focus on balancing risk with innovation and consistently look for ways to improve our offering.


Foundry & Engineering services
Durban Alloys in cooperation with Nicast, can offer progressive foundry services supplying a diverse range of materials in what is known as a very demanding sector for quality and service.

•    We also offer a range of products for the Rail industry’s rolling stock and loco’s including tyres, cannon boxes, brake components, couplers, axle box adapters and chevrons to the industry.
•    Durban Alloys are able to offer a joint service with our internal design team and foundry to solve operating issues that require a multi-disciplinary team approach

Durban Alloys can develop custom-designed pump and valve specifications to meet your needs. We offer Pumps and Valves that are locally made and manufactured.
•    We offer and supply specialised pump and valve offerings.
•    Support services: Both Pump and Valves repair and maintenance (Including Ball grinding services).
•    We are able to adapt to client requirements.
•    We offer our services to:
    o    Petrochemical groups
    o    Furnace industry
    o    Cement industry
    o    Chemical industry
    o    Fertilizer industry
    o    Paper Mills
    o    Power generation plants
    o    Processing plants &
    o    Marine applications
    o    Effluent plants
    o    Railway and rolling stock (end users)

Durban Alloys also has an internal design offering:

•    Our in house designers deliver a professional approach to clients design requirements, in order to deliver relevant engineering solutions.
•    Focus on product design, development and improvement.
•    Quick and responsive to queries.
•    Dedicated and focused internal division.
•    We offer; FEA analysis, CFD analysis, 3D modelling, CAD drawings, concept design and optimisations.
•    Mechanical engineering consulting services.