“Nicro is a company which strives to understand our customers unique needs, so as to deliver a consolidated innovative solution, all underpinned by vast engineering experience and a true dedication to service excellence.”

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  • Nicro Industrial

    Engineering improvements to quality and reliability.
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    Jobbing foundry, with the ability to deliver up to 1 ton.
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    Custom-designed pump and valve solutions
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Nicro Industrial

  • Overview
  • Furnace components
  • Hot Feed Gate valve MK2

“We’re in the business of problem solving, whether castings, forgings or fabrications with materials from non-ferrous metals to high nickel alloys.”

Nicro Industrial is a dynamic innovative company able to successfully tackle any production or design problem in the mining and process industries. We specialise in the supply of submerged arc furnace components, pumps, valves and castings into a diverse section of industries such as mining, petro-chemical, process and general engineering.

A thorough analysis of clients’ particular problems and requirements enables us to offer solutions in the form of well-designed and engineered components.
Our product offering:

Furnace Components

Contact Shoes

Pressure Rings

Hot Feed Gate Valve MK2

Slurry Control Valves


Engineered Products

In addition to the above products, we undertake the complete scope and supply of a wide variety of special engineering processes and products.

At Nicro Industrial we try and follow a process of design and development which often results in a unique solution which can be patented.

Equipment can be re-engineered and made in a wide range of high performance alloys like CD4-MCu, Sanicro 28 and Hastelloy B and C to mention a few. Other alloys are available on request.

Nicro Industrial’s commitment to innovation has led to many new and improved products for the submerged arc furnace industry. Due to the typically harsh conditions experienced on furnaces’ our products are robust yet maintenance-friendly.

At Nicro Industrial we don’t only make new furnace components but we maintain and refurbish existing furnace equipment for many large companies.

Contact shoes

Nicro Industrial was the first company in South Africa to manufacture contact shoes from rolled/forged slab material, removing the inherent problems associated with cast copper. These contact shoes have a 98% minimum conductivity with the water passages being drilled to allow for maximum cooling.

Throughout the submerged arc industry, we have redesigned and replaced many old style contact shoes, improving clients' power input and baking profiles.


  • Rolled/forged high conductivity copper with a refined grain structure
  • Water passages drilled directly into the material to be cooled
  • Conductivity of 98% ICAS minimum means increased electrical transfer/exceptional conductivity
  • Machined to electrode diameter creates good contact
  • Refurbishment of existing contact shoes carried out

Pressure Rings

Nicro repairs all types of pressure rings, replacing damaged areas (e.g. caps) and fitting new, improved diaphragms.

We have increased the lifespan of these products by improving the water flow through the pressure ring and cap design, for optimum cooling. By changing the method of casting, we have eliminated the use of core plugs and removed potential leak paths. Use of a Nicro patented stainless steel diaphragm or rolling seal increases the area of force at reduced water pressure.


  • Pressure ring manufactured in copper, aluminium bronze, stainless steel
  • Nicro patented stainless steel diaphragm or rolling seal increases surface area exposed to water pressure
  • Redesigned water flow for optimum cooling
  • Smooth clean water ports means less turbulence
  • Locking method removes stress points
  • Retractable push plate for ease of maintenance

Developed to control charge under the arduous conditions encountered in submerged arc furnaces’ the Nicro Hot Feed Valve is robust and proven.

It is manufactured both in a ferrous material developed by Nicro to handle high temperatures’ and in a non-magnetic/austenitic stainless steel where eddy currents are a concern.


  • Handles hot mixes up to 1000°C
  • Feed material +- 15mm in diameter
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic operation allows remote control
  • No cooling required
  • Eliminates gas leakage to working areas
  • Various valve sizes available


  • Kiln discharge
  • Furnace charge
  • Hot or cold mix

Hot Feed Gate valve MK2 diagram

Item Description Part No
    200NB 300NB 400NB
1 Body 33010709 33010990 33011109
2 Bonnet 33020709 33020909 33021109
3 Shaft & boss 33030701 33030901 33031101
4 Gate 33040709 33040909 33041109
5 Pin 33050701 33050901 33051101
6 Boss 33060701 33060901 33061101
7 Shaft 33070701 33070901 33071101
8 Dust cover     33081101
9 Stud     33091101
10 Nut     33101101
11 Bolts 33110701 33110901 33111101
12 Nuts 33120701 33120901 33121101
13 Studs 33130701 33130901 33131101
14 Gland 33140709 33140909 33141109
15 Gland studs 33150701 33150901 33151101
16 Gland nuts 33160701 33160901 33161101
17 Gland packing 33170721 33170921 33171121
18 Pillars 33180701 33180901 33181101
19 Nut pillars 33190701 33190901 33191101
20 Coupling 33200701 33200901 33201101
21 Hydraulic cylinder 33210701 33210901 33211101
22 Air cylinder 33220701 33220901 33221101
23 Gasket 33230717 33230917 33231117

When ordering spares, specify the part number. Item numbers are for illustration reference only.
Nicro has a policy of continual research and development, and reserves the right to change data without notice.