“Nicro is a company which strives to understand our customers unique needs, so as to deliver a consolidated innovative solution, all underpinned by vast engineering experience and a true dedication to service excellence.”

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Nicro Pump & Valve

  • Overview
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Periflex pumps
  • Slurry Control valve
  • Butterfly Valve

Nicro Pump & Valve are local manufacturers of Ball, Butterfly and Plug valves. We are a solution driven company and have recently focused on repairs and modification of various types of valves and pumps, as per client requirement and permission. We are also able to successfully tackle any production or design problem, backed by a capable and motivated team. Some of our specialized affordable solutions are the grinding of balls up to 16 inches, various hard-facing options to balls and seats, retro fitting of valve spares not available and a variety of other beneficial services and products that can be viewed on our website. We have done many successful refurbishments during the yearly shutdown at Sasol and continue to do so. Nicro Pump & Valve also offer general  machining to other companies

Nicro introduced both the ND and NG Centrifugal pump range ahead of industry demands for a locally designed and manufactured process pump with features that plant engineers identified to enhance performance, ease of maintenance and cost efficiency. The Nicro range of pumps are a back pull-out pump with either an open or closed reverse vane impeller and only two or three different sized power ends (depending on series) to cover the full range. The interchangeability allows users to reduce stock levels and the finance tied up in them.

Advantages - Features

  • Supplied in a range of ferrous Stainless steel materials and high nickel alloys to suit the product being pumped.
  • The rotating assembly and power end can be removed for maintenance in the workshop, without removing pipe work and casing.
  • The only critical clearance, between the flat surface of the back of the impellor and flat surface of the front of the rear cover, can be set on the workbench before casing installation.
  • Pumping against the rear cover plate reduces wear on the casing, increasing life span. • The flat face of the rear cover on which wear is worst, can  be machined easily and up to 3mm of material can be removed before replacement is necessary.
  • Machining rather than replacement, offers a financial saving of up to 25% • Attaching the impellor directly to the shaft, which tightens under normal operation eliminates turbulence.

Nicro manufactures two different types of centrifugal chemical process pumps, namely the ND and NG series with the unique back pull-out feature. Our advantage in this industry is that we can manufacture these pumps in various materials as per customer specification. This is due to our access to our Foundry within our Group. The Nicro ND1 & Nicro ND2 Series, uses only two sizes of power ends on our whole range of pumps. Users need stock no more than two sizes of power end spare components, such as shafts, bearings deflectors etc.
Our Nicro NG series uses three different sizes of power ends on the range of pumps namely the ST,MT & lastly the XL.  Again users need stock no more than three sizes of power end spare components, such as shafts, bearings deflectors etc. The Nicro pumps makes use of double row outboard bearings and single-row inboard bearings.
The latter close to the back of the impellor, reduces shaft deflection therefore prolonging the life of all power end components, especially the mechanical seal and shaft.
A Trico constant level oiler, vented drain plug, inboard and outboard oil seals and a HDPE deflector all safeguard the bearings and combine to prevent ingress of chemical contamination and condensation within the bearing housing.
To summarise; the rotating assembly consisting of impellor, rear cover plate, shaft and power end can be pulled out of the casing without disturbing the suction or discharge of the piping, with the use of a spacer coupling and without disturbing the motor. The whole assembly can be taken into the workshop for a complete inspection overhauling and setup again prior to installation

Our Pumps can be utilized in the following industries:
- Pharmaceutical
- Petro Chemical
- Chemical
- Food and Beverage
- Paint
- Ink
- Steel Manufacturing       
- Processing Industry       
- Pulp, Paper and wood Industry      
- Mining industry        
- Textile industry

Note: Various applications, sizes and specifications required by the customer can be forwarded to our Sales department. This will ensure our customers benefit from a tailored Nicro pump selection and solution, which will meet and add value to your organisation’s daily operations. Nicro has the policy of continual research and development and reserves the right to change data without notice

Nicro’s periflex specially-profiled stress-relieved rubber hose, with integral reinforcing, ensures that the hose is unstressed when installed, and its frictionless rolling motion allows increased operating speeds. Nicro’s periflex allows for a frictionless operation and improved mechanical efficiency.

Periflex has re-invented the heavy-duty industrial hose pump to provide improved peristaltic technology to pump reagents and flocculants, pyrites and calcines, carbon pulp process and dam water, dense media, phosphoric acid thickener underflows and pastes, slimes and tailings, concentrates, coal fines magnetite, sulphuric acid and cyanide.


  • Improved flow in any pump size and lack of generated heat give continual operation
  • Ease of hose changing and adjustment of hose compression limit downtime to the minimum
  • Periflex’s mechanism drives a heavy-duty crankshaft with a small offset from the driving shaft centre to the rotor centre; which means the distance and movement are only one fifth of traditional hose pumps. This and the almost total lack of frictional hose contact yields dramatically less friction than conventional hose pumps
  • For any given duty, Periflex pumps use a smaller motor, smaller gearbox and smaller variable speed drive than any other hose pump types, therefore reducing pump costs
  • Operating costs are also reduced as the power is significantly lower and spares are limited to hose and bearings

Periflex pump curves


Developed in co-operation with engineers from a large mining house’ the Nicro Slurry Control Valve was created to handle slurries at temperatures of up to 230°C and velocities of more than 50m/sec at the valve outlet.

Manufactured in any grade of stainless steel’ depending on the application, these valves were used extensively in a pressure leach plant in America.

The needle and choke’ designed specifically to satisfy the particular process parameters’ are made from silicon carbide and thus able to handle the abrasive nature of the products.


  • The valves operate with most standard actuators
  • The valves will operate successfully at slurry velocities of more than 50m/sec at the valve outlet, at temperatures up to 230°C and in extremely corrosive media
  • The valve design incorporates the inexpensive replacement of low cost ceramic wear parts
  • Easy to maintain and strip when components need to be replaced
  • Ideal in an environment where the flow of abrasive slurries needs to be controlled


  • Mill discharge level control
  • Pressure leach autoclave let-down
  • Belt filter level control
  • Drum filter level control
  • Backfill metering

Nicro Slurry Control valve diagram

Valve size Class Flange DIM A DIM B DIM C DIM D DIM E Thread
80 - 3" 10 Bar 80NB 123 105 55 50 135 To suit actuators
80 - 3" 300 80NB 160 143 55 50 130 To suit actuators
100 - 4" 300 100NB 200 180 185 71,5 207 To suit actuators
150 - 6" 300 150NB 246 213 110 71,5 229 To suit actuators

Other sizes and pressure ratings can be supplied on request.

Note: When ordering spares, specify the part number. Item numbers are for illustration reference only.

Nicro has a policy of continual research and development, and reserves the right to change data without notice.


The all-stainless steel Nicro Butterfly Valve was developed and manufactured in South Africa when this type of product was otherwise unavailable. This split-body valve is unique in that is allows for easy replacement of the seal; by only removing the bottom cap.

Pressure rating:

  • 1600kPa

Industry standards

  • British No. 5155 and AP1908


  • All stainless materials, including the body
  • Wafer design; which allows for minimum obstruction to flow
  • Integral shaft and disc; which ensures that there are no crevices
  • Multiple “O” rings moulded integral with seals
  • New seal can be fitted with valve in position, by only removing the bottom cap
  • Disc seal is as good as a precision ball seal. Disc is a slice out of a sphere, thus giving full concentric sealing, lower torques, longer seal life and positive shut-off in closed position

Disc & body material

  • All grades of stainless steel, including Sanicro 28 and Hastelloy, depending on clients’ requirements, and with all coatings

Liners material

  • Range of materials, including: natural rubber, buna, EPDM, nitrile, silicon and viton


  • Dry bulk conveying
  • Paper mills
  • Chemical industry
  • Slurry handling
  • Food and beverage

Nicro Butterfly valve diagram

Item Description
Qty/No. Part No.
1 Bush 1 1202
2 O ring 1 1203
3 Body 1 1204
4 Liner 1 1205
5 Disc-stem 1 1206
6 Cap 1 1207
7 Screw cap 2 1208


Size A B C D E F G H
25 63 110 80 22 57 6 9,3 29
40 81 135 95 22 57 6 9,3 31
50 99 192 140 27 102 9,5 14 45
80 124 221 159 27 102 9,5 14 45
100 156 260 180 27 102 11 16 51
150 208 340 205 32 103 12,7 19,3 52

Note: When ordering spares, specify the part number. Item numbers are for illustration reference only.
Nicro has a policy of continual research and development, and reserves the right to change data without notice.