“Nicro is a company which strives to understand our customers unique needs, so as to deliver a consolidated innovative solution, all underpinned by vast engineering experience and a true dedication to service excellence.”

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  • Nicro Industrial

    Engineering improvements to quality and reliability.
  • NiCast

    Jobbing foundry, with the ability to deliver up to 1 ton.
  • Nicro Pump & Valve

    Custom-designed pump and valve solutions
  • Durban Alloys

    Creating synergy between our business offerings
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In 1985, the South African industrial market needed to find a solution to importing expensive manufacturing components. The founders of Nicro, recognised this need and created Nicro to provide the solution of not only lowering the cost of manufacturing components but also improving them. This core value of understanding the customer need and then developing a unique solution has been the foundation on which Nicro has been built.

As the requirements of the industry have grown and changed, we have recognised these needs and expanded our offering while still ensuring that we deliver exceptional expertise in every area. We have built our business to ensure that we have the capability to look at customer needs from beginning to end and deliver a holistic solution without reducing the expert value that we have always added.