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Nicast Foundry and Engineering

A breath of fresh air for local users ferrous and stainless steel castings

Nicast Foundry and Engineering founded in May 2009 has the local  engineering industry in its sights as the Board of Directors feels strongly about the loyal support  the local engineering companies  have given the foundry industry over the years.

The management team (Messrs. Andre Ehlers as General Manager; Gerhard van Rooyen as the C E O of the Nicro Group; Errol Clemitson a Group Director and Ms. Elsa Beukes the group’s Financial Director) all believe that it is time that the local foundry industry needs to show their appreciation for the industry’s support in some very difficult times in the economy of South Africa.

It is the belief of the full management team that Nicast has come as a “Breath of Fresh Air” and that Nicast is committed to provide a service with quality, on time deliveries and competitive prices as the essential foundation for a reliable supplier.

The local industry (users of castings) has far too often been the victim of monopolistic practices in this market and local foundries can, if this is evident, change this around and show the pump; valve; mining and all users of castings that this is not the way a valued supplier in an important market wants to be perceived.

We firmly believe that Nicast is a winner and will achieve its goal of producing sufficient tons per month to supply many if not most of all the users of special steel castings and be considered as a major supplier in the this market. The foundry has already gained some valuable accounts and this  is only the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of such accounts all over South Africa in of need personal attention by a reliable supplier, as they are after all the backbone of the special steel casting industry, although not always recognized as such by the major role players.

The foundry based in Vereeniging at Bessemer Road) is well equipped with induction furnaces for the ferrous range of special steels, steels etc. and can melt up to 2000 kilograms.

A pattern shop, heat treatment facility and spectrometer are all necessary essentials in use at the foundry.
The range of material (ranging from 1kg to 1500 kg in the ferrous market) includes all the recognized grades of stainless steels, heat resistant stainless steels (Nicast has in fact been successful in being awarded valuable contracts in the supply of the high nickel alloys); corrosion and wear resistant steels. The martensitic, austenitic and duplex alloys are all part of the regular mix at Nicast and are the range of materials supplied in the special steel and steel market sectors.

The foundry is also a regular supplier in the iron and spherical graphite iron markets.

The short term goal of Nicast is to prove its worth to the local industry in supplying good quality castings on time and at competitive prices. The service at Nicast and in the Nicro Group is supplemented by a very qualified and experienced staff, an in house Design office with a staff of qualified engineers and draughtsmen, the management team and a number of excellent support groups.

The management of the Nicro Group has been very selective in joining hands with not only qualified people as sub-contractors, but also people who are highly respected in the local industry.

Finally the long term goal of Nicast is to be the major supplier of special steels to the local industry and the property is such that we can treble the current maximum capacity of the foundry should long term demand warrant this. The more than adequate installed electrical supply on site is already available in the existing infra-structure of Nicast.

Please feel free to discuss any aspect of our foundry.

We extend an invitation to you and your staff to visit the Nicro Group of companies which can include a visit to our foundry.

All enquiries can be directed to:

•    Andre Ehlers        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
•    James Thompson  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.